Jonas Sandberg

PHP Developer & Linux System Administrator

With Passion

I love PHP and Linux, I take pride in the work I do and I do it well. When programming, I use Object-Oriented Programming, written from scratch or adapting me to various tools and frameworks available on the market.

About me

My name is Jonas Sandberg, I'm 26 years old. I don't have a lot of hobbies but I like programming, watching movies/series and being with friends. I graduated school as a Linux System Administrator in 2011.

Since I completed my graduation I've worked at the following places (mainly as freelancer):

  • mClip Solutions (2012-2023)
  • Tibet Server (2011-2012)
  • Linköpings University (2010-2011)
  • Delta Services LLC (Internship) (2009-2010)

The jobs above have had various tasks:

  • Web Development
  • Linux Sever Administration
  • Phone & Web Support

That's about it. Check out my projects to find out some of my web related work.

Visit my projects

Projects comes to life

During the years, I've been doing a couple of projects. Some projects have been more challenging then others and during each one I've always learned new things and how to improve my personal coding skills. Here's a list of both finished and unfinished projects and hopefully images to show them.


Coinfrog is a betting site for cryptocurrency with support for both Bitcoin and Litecoin. It allows a user to do all kind of different bettings such as live-betting, statement-betting and sport-betting.

I've been responsible for internal workings on the site which includes planning the infrastructure of the site, coding and make sure the games are running.

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Apex is an business management system. It's being developed for mClip Solutions to manage their customer base. I work on the internal stuffs with PHP. The current plans for the project is still in development.

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Eeway is an event management tool. It allows an event to manage everything from (human resources, scenes, tasks, schedules, accreditation) and more.

The project was launched way back in 2011 and had it's first beta test during 2012 with "Siestafestivalen". During that time, the tool was very apreciated and we received a lot of good response. My role during this time was to build internal functions with PHP and to make sure security was in place, both in PHP and the Linux evnironment we were running on.

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Ragnarok Online Panel 2012

Ragnarok online panel is a control panel designed for Trinity Networks. It allows their clients to administrate their ragnarok online emulators. This was a one-man project that was founded by me. I designed and programmed it in PHP (since I'm no front-end designer, the design is what it is).

It makes a connection over SSH to a server and send commands, get the output and displays it on the webpage for the user. It's currently in use and a version 2.0 is planned the coming year.

Content Management System2011

This CMS was designed and worked on when I started Morbit Studio together with a friend.

Since the company closed, I've been been putting some of my free time on it and it still have a bit to go before usable. It has good structure is designed with modern-ui in mind. The size of the CMS could easily be compared with big Open Source projects such as Wordpress or Joomla.

Forsaken Ragnarok Online2008

Forsaken Ragnarok Online is a ragnarok online server. I received a PDS file made in photoshop that I was able to cut and transform into a website with PHP. On top of that I made some simple scripts to check if server was offline/online and show it on the site.


RORegister is a ragnarok online control panel for eAthena-based ragnarok online emulators. This is an fully Open Source project that I helped out with way back in 2006. Due to the main developer leaving the project, it later died out because the lack of interest.

I was mainly working on bugfixes and doing pre-release testing to make sure it was working as intended during release. The project is located on sourceforge.

Contact Info

Jonas Sandberg

Phone 0734 00 13 05
Skype grenade-c8

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